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Renters Insurance In Michigan

Michigan state law does not require one to have renter’s insurance, but in some instances, some landlords may require it if you are leasing or renting his/her building. One needs to have some coverage as your landlord's homeowner’s insurance is not liable for any personal or property damage in case catastrophe strikes. A typical renter's insurance is designed to protect you, your personal belongings, and your living arrangements after a covered peril.

Renters insurance provides coverage for the loss or damage to property in the home against perils like vandalism, fire, theft, plumbing, electrical malfunctions, and weather-related damage like a hailstorm and volcanic eruptions. It's also important to know that renter’s insurance does not cover earthquakes and floods. Separate coverage is required to cover the two natural disasters.

This type of policy provides substantial discounts for precautions you take to mitigate risks to the insurer. These measures include the installation of fire or burglar alarm systems, sprinkler systems, and fire extinguishers. Have you leased or rented a house in Michigan, and you want to protect yourself as well as your personal belongings? Visit us today at our Richard J Selleck & Sons Agency Inc. offices and speak to our agents about renter’s insurance, and you won't regret it!

What does renter’s insurance cover?

It's sometimes referred to as tenant insurance. Sometimes, it is impossible to prevent some situations such as fire, theft, vandalism, injuries to your guest, and other unexpected uncertainties. This is the opportune moment when the renter's insurance comes into play. Different types of coverages in a renter’s policy include:

  • Personal possession: This type of policy protects your personal belongings against damage from perils such as lighting, vandalism, smoke, fire, explosions, and other hazards that are stipulated in your policy document. This coverage does not cover earthquakes and floods. A supplementary policy will be required. The personal belongings protected include electronics, furniture, appliances, bedding, clothing, and kitchen utensils.
  • Liability: This kind of coverage protects you against lawsuits arising from property damage or bodily injuries that you and your family members are liable for. It also caters to damage that has been caused by your pets. This coverage provides medical bills for injuries caused to your neighbor or guest while they are on your premises regardless of who is at fault.
  • Additional living expenses: If a prevailing catastrophe destroys your rented home or condo, and it becomes uninhabitable, this policy will cover your additional expenses such as hotel bills, temporary rentals, and food expenses.

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